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4 Modern Garage Interior Ideas

So much time and concern are dedicated to enhancing garage doors that it’s very easy to neglect the garage interior. Though it often goes unseen or unnoticed by neighbors and visitors, your garage interior still deserves an equal amount of attention. If people enter through your garage to come to visit, you want to give them a good first impression as to what they can expect from the rest of your home interior. 

 If you want a modern garage door interior, you need to make time to evaluate the current state of your garage interior, then determine what needs to be improved or changed. Your garage interior can only improve if you know what exactly needs to be done differently. To help you get started, here are four modern garage interior ideas that are sure to inspire you. 

1. Epoxy Flooring 

While there is a multitude of options for modern garage flooring, we’ll start from the bottom with our first recommendation to spruce up your modern garage interior: epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring or floor coating utilizes resin and hardener to give a garage floor a shiny, clean look. These floors can be customized in any color or design that you believe will do your garage interior justice. Aside from aesthetic value, epoxy flooring is also fairly easy to keep clean. 

modern garage interior

2. Ceiling Lighting 

Are the lights in your garage dim? Does the current interior lighting of your garage door sometimes make you feel like you’re in a horror movie scene, waiting for the antagonist to strike? A modern garage interior comes with inviting, effective lighting, so the next part to think about is ceiling lighting

Garage ceiling lights can make your garage interior brighter and easier to navigate than before. Overhead LED lighting fixtures are the most popular choice due to their energy efficiency and expansive reach throughout the garage interior. If you want to continue making a modern garage door interior, then upgrade with some LED ceiling lights. 

3. Storage Organization 

Are there boxes filled to the brim with decorations stacked not too far from where your car is parked? Is artwork that you can’t find room for in your home collecting dust against the back wall of your garage? Are home maintenance tools scattered in various drawers and surfaces in your garage? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can solve two problems with one solution: reorganize your storage. New and improved storage organization in your garage will not only declutter the mess but will also be an opportunity to utilize modern storage methods. Modern ways to utilize garage storage space include wall slats to hang up items, overhead racks, and or installing cabinetry. These are just a few ways to optimize your modern garage interior. 

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4. Garage Art 

Do you wish you could bring the personality of your home interior into your garage without going through the process of repainting or extensive remodeling? Hanging up art in your garage is the most ideal solution. You can either reorganize existing art pieces in your home to choose what to display in the garage or purchase the artwork that best complements your modern garage interior. As long as your garage art enhances the interior rather than clashes, you should face no problems refreshing the inside of your garage. 

Reach Out To Garage Door Repair Houston Today! 

You now know about four possible ways to make a modern garage interior that will provide the best possible preview of the rest of your home. There are many other ways to approach modernizing your garage, but hopefully, these four ideas will help you get started. “But what if I’m not sure I can successfully make these changes by myself?” is one question that might be on your mind. Luckily, the answer is to reach out to us at Garage Door Repair Houston today. 


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