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Modern Garage Lights: 5 Trends To Follow

While primarily used to park your car, a garage can be versatile in its purpose. Aside from being a place to park, your garage can also be a place to store tools, outdoor recreational equipment, and so many other things. Some people even repurpose their garages as office spaces or recreational rooms. 

One part of garage decor that’s easily overlooked is lighting. Garage lights are like a lighthouse beacon in that they make it easier for you to find your way home late at night. They also enhance your home’s exterior aesthetic. If you want to reap these benefits of outdoor garage lighting, consider these five ideas for modern garage lights. 

1. Hidden Uplights or Downlights 

One way you can spruce up your garage door with some modern lights is to install hidden uplights. This lighting involves installing the lights at the bottom rather than the top of your garage entry. If you own a stainless steel garage door, your uplights can create a neat reflective effect against it when it’s dark. A similar effect is achieved with downlights, which, as the name suggests, are installed at the top of the garage entry. If you want to return home to some Hollywood-esque lighting, then hidden uplights or downlights will do the trick. 

2. Soft-Accent Lights

Do you want something more subtle in your modern garage lights? Do you want lighting that will seem just as sleek as your modern-style home exterior? If you find yourself nodding “yes” to either question, then consider getting soft-accent lights for your garage. These lights will provide your garage entryway with a glow that presents a calm, pleasant atmosphere. If you want to bring some mood lighting to the front of your home, then soft-accent lights are the perfect modern garage lights for you. 

3. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are the most versatile of modern garage lights when it comes to style. These lights are wall-mounted light fixtures that come in many different styles. The multiple style options for wall sconces make them a very versatile option for modern garage lights. The best part is that many wall sconces are compatible with LED bulbs. Whether you own a modern home or one that evokes a more rustic style, you are bound to find wall sconces that will complement your garage entry. 

modern garage lights wall sconces

4. Lanterns 

Classic lanterns are another angle to consider for modern garage lights. Lanterns come in all sorts of styles, but what makes them unique from wall sconces is that they are attached so that they appear to be hanging from rather than attached to the wall. Lanterns are a great option if you want to give the front of your home a slightly Victorian or early twentieth-century flair. 

5. Floodlights 

Do you want to roll up your driveway under a light that makes you feel like the star of your own show? For this reason, installing a floodlight at your garage entry is a worthwhile option to consider. Unlike traditional spotlights, they are able to cover a larger portion of the area with their light. This coverage not only increases your home’s visibility at night but also makes it more difficult for intruders to break into your home. 

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We hope you find these trends for modern garage lights to be both interesting and inspiring. Whether you are interested in installing garage lights or you want to change out your old outdoor garage light fixtures, the investment is worth it to boost curb appeal and security. If you need assistance with garage lights or any other garage-related issues, you don’t need to look too far. Garage Door Repair Houston will provide the best garage door services to anyone in the Greater Houston area. Contact us today, so your garage door concerns can be addressed by the best technicians in Texas!

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