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A Guide to Garage Door Windows

Appliances are meant to be functional above all else. After all, why buy an appliance if it doesn’t work? It doesn’t matter if something looks beautiful if it doesn’t function the way it should. That being said, beauty does have its place too. Ideally, you want your appliances to be both attractive and functional. People often think of their indoor appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves when they think of combining looks and practicality. But there is one often overlooked appliance that can also be attractive and purposeful. That appliance is your garage door! 

One way you can make your door more attractive is by adding garage door windows. There are many reasons that garage door windows are a good idea. Learn about the benefits of this home feature and other helpful information in our blog. 

Benefits of Garage Door Windows

If there is a steady market for something, that means that there is some benefit to it. No one would buy something that has no advantages. Thus, garage door windows must have several benefits to make them appealing to homeowners. Here are three benefits below: 

1. Increased Curb Appeal 

Garage doors are often plain. Basic models come in neutral or unexciting colors like white, black, or beige. Most lack decorative hardware. This can make them seem dull and boring, which detracts from the curb appeal of your home. Garage door windows can help you spruce up your appliance and give it a makeover. 

2. Improved Natural Light 

Do you work in your garage a lot? If so, you know the importance of having enough light to see what you’re doing. Sometimes, artificial light is ineffective compared to natural sunlight. When you install garage door windows, natural light can filter in to illuminate your workspace. This can be especially helpful in winter when you want access to lighting from the outdoors without having to open your appliance and let the cold air in. 

A white garage door with garage door windows

3. Versatility

It’s always nice when you have options. When it comes to garage door windows, there is a lot of versatility in your design options. You can choose small windows or large windows. You can get tinted glass, frosted glass, or plain glass. That means that you can get creative when you are selecting windows for your appliance. It also means that there is always going to be something that will suit your taste. Nothing is more frustrating than making improvements to your home only to be stuck with a few options that do not appeal. 

Drawbacks of Garage Door Windows 

Garage door windows come with few drawbacks. These features are a beautiful addition to any appliance. There are three main things you have to consider. First, depending on the height of your garage door, windows can detract from privacy and security. Thieves may be able to peek into your garage and determine whether you have anything worth stealing. Second, windows may result in lower energy efficiency if you go with cheaper options. And third, the glass may break during inclement weather or other accidents, resulting in repair needs. 

But none of these concerns takes away from the benefits of garage door windows. These features are still worth it if you can deal with a few minor drawbacks. We are confident that you will be happy with your new garage door once you install the windows you want. 

We Install Garage Door Windows! 

Have you decided that you would like to add windows to your garage door? Or perhaps you would like to purchase a garage door that already has windows installed. Either way, our team at Garage Door Repair Houston can help. We offer high-quality services to homeowners in need. Contact us today for assistance

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