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Your Guide to Garage Door Window Inserts

How much thought do you put into the interior of your home? Likely, the answer is a lot. This is a space that you spend a lot of time in, and therefore, you want it to be perfect. You also notice quickly when something seems off. If your throw pillows do not match your curtains or your furniture clashes with your new antique lamp, then you are going to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. You will also take a lot of care to arrange everything to make sure your interior design is the best it can be. But when it comes to the exterior of your home, do you give the same amount of attention? Many people barely have time to keep up with their interiors, so their exteriors get pushed to the side. As long as the grass is not too overgrown, homeowners are content. 

We encourage you not to neglect the exterior of your home, especially your garage door. Your garage door makes up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, and if it looks ugly, it will detract from appearances. So take care of your appliance and add some beautiful features. Garage door window inserts are a feature we love. Learn more about garage door window inserts here! 

What Are Garage Door Window Inserts? 

Regular garage door windows are made up of single panes of glass. But window inserts take a larger piece of glass and divide them into multiple panes. This allows you to create different patterns with the panes of glass when you insert them into grilles. For this reason, garage door window inserts are more versatile than single-pane options. 

A pair of white garage doors with garage door window inserts

Benefits of Garage Door Window Inserts

Garage door window inserts have the same benefits as regular windows do. They increase the curb appeal of your home and let natural light into the space. But what we love about garage door inserts is the way they can make designing more fun and versatile. You create any number of styles when you use window inserts. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and types. This allows you to create unique designs that suit any garage door style. Whether you have a modern, vintage, Italian, or Mediterranean-style garage door, you will be able to use garage door window inserts to brighten them up and enhance their appearance. 

Another benefit of garage door window inserts is that replacement is easy. Instead of replacing a large piece of glass or an entire window, you can replace individual panes. This makes it less worrisome if you dent, scratch, or crack part of your window. 

I Like Garage Door Windows Inserts, But What About Security Risks? 

Many homeowners do not want to install windows in their garage doors because they are worried about security risks. It is true that glass can give burglars a peek into the space behind it, helping them case your property. But you do not have to get clear glass. If you are worried about security risks, you can get frosted or tinted options. Do not let worries about security prevent you from creating the garage door design you desire. 

Get Your Garage Door Inserts With the Help Of Our Team! 

Garage door inserts will help improve the look of your appliance and wow passersby. So why not add this feature to your home’s exterior? You can have inserts installed for your existing door, or you can purchase a new appliance that has them embedded already. If you aren’t sure which option is right for you, you can consult the team at Garage Door Repair Houston. Contact our team today for assistance! 

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