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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Houston

Houston garage door torsion spring repair services are performed in a safe manner by experienced technicians. This is extremely important when dealing with springs. When you contact our company for spring services, trust that we will only send a qualified and insured pro. You can contact us for any spring concern. Is it broken? Is it damaged? Do you want to check its force and balance the garage door? We are here to help you. Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange your torsion spring replacement or repair service straight away.

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  • Torsion spring adjustment

Not all springs will need adjustments often. But you will need galvanized torsion spring adjustment. And you will also need a pro to check the balance of the door. When springs are adjusted properly, the door is balanced and thus safe. If not, it won’t open right or move straight and it won’t be safe to use it.

  • Spring lubrication

Among other torsion spring repair services, our company can arrange lubrication maintenance. Since they are made of steel, springs must be lubed in order to remain rust resistant. Lubes also help coils remain flexible for a longer period of time.

  • Spring parts replacement

Your torsion spring is secured with fasteners. It utilizes bearings & brackets. It goes around a shaft and is also connected to the cables. If any of these parts gets rusty and damaged, we can arrange their replacement.

  • Spring inspection

Let us arrange for a tech to check the balance of the door and whether or not your spring needs adjustment. We can do that for extension springs as well.

The pros respond quickly for broken torsion spring replacement needs

You can trust our quick arrangements for a broken garage door torsion spring replacement in Houston, Texas. The door will be useless without the spring to open it up. Remember it’s too heavy to lift it on your own without the help of the springs. Call Garage Door Repair Houston now to set up the service.

Get in touch with our company whenever you are in need of quick and trusted garage door torsion spring repair in Houston.

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