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5 Perks Of Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Insulation is a major must-have for any garage door, and steel garage doors are no exception. In fact, steel garage doors tend to be considered the most ideal material for insulation. This is due to the fact that insulation can easily be built into steel garage doors without requiring additional insulation. However, you’re probably still curious about the overall benefits of installing insulated steel garage doors. Luckily, you can continue reading this article to learn more about five of the perks that come with insulated steel garage doors. 

insulated steel garage doors

5 Perks of Insulated Steel Garage Doors 

While insulated steel garage doors offer plenty of perks, here are just five of their most notable benefits. All of these assets make these garage doors a worthwhile long-term investment.

1. High Durability

Steel garage doors alone are already notable for their extraordinary durability. By themselves, these garage doors are resistant to mildew, mold, warping, and extreme weather conditions. With the addition of insulation, these garage doors are likely to withstand even the harshest temperatures, be they extreme heat or cold. While steel is already durable, insulated steel garage doors can boost that durability tenfold.

2. Boosted Soundproofing

One of the major drawbacks of steel garage doors is that they tend to produce a lot of noise during operation. However, with insulated steel garage doors, you can easily reduce the sounds of your garage door opening and closing during operation. That’s because the insulation diminishes the vibrations the garage door produces when it’s in motion. Thanks to insulated steel garage doors, you can relax in peace after a long day at work without being disturbed by the echoes of an opening and closing garage door as a family member returns home. 

3. Excellent Insulation Materials

Because the insulation is usually already built into steel garage doors, you’ll likely be given access to high-quality insulation materials for your garage door. The material that’ll most likely be found in insulated steel garage doors is rigid foam insulation. This type of insulation is considered the best type of insulation for steel garage doors due to its high R-value and soundproofing capabilities. This insulation consists of polystyrene and polyisocyanurate. 

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

Speaking of R-value, energy efficiency in your home is also increased with the help of insulated steel garage doors. In order to understand the energy efficiency of garage door insulation, it’s important to know what R-value means. In this context, R-value refers to how the heat resistance of insulation is measured. For example, garage door insulation with a high R-value or level of heat reduction is likely to have high energy efficiency. The heat reduction allows the inside of your garage to stay cool during the summer, so if you want to avoid overreliance on your AC, then insulated steel garage doors are worth considering. 

5. Increased Home Value 

Finally, insulated steel garage doors can help boost your home’s value. This asset will make a huge difference whenever you’re ready to put your house on the market. Not worrying about installing insulation separately from a steel garage door will save a lot of time and money, making your house a very attractive option for potential buyers. 

We Provide Excellent Insulation Installation Services!

We hope this blog has helped you understand the benefits that you can reap from insulated steel garage doors. Having this kind of garage door for your home will bring many long-term positives, such as energy efficiency and soundproofing. If, however, your steel garage door lacks insulation, you can reach out to us at Garage Door Repair Houston. Our technicians will provide the best services possible for your garage door. 

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