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4 Finish Options For Steel Garage Doors

Do you like the benefits of a steel garage door but aren’t entirely convinced it will add any aesthetic value to your home? When it comes to steel garage doors, there are more finish options than you probably assume. You don’t need to settle for a dull, industrial standard steel garage door. In fact, you can get creative and have fun when it comes to the various finish options for steel garage doors. 

4 Finish Options For Steel Garage Doors 

Contrary to what you might have assumed, you can have the best of both worlds with functionality and visual appeal with a steel garage door. To fully understand this, check out these four finish options for steel garage doors that’ll boost your home’s curb appeal and value. 

1. Powder Coating

One of the most popular finish options for steel garage doors is powder coating. This powder can be applied to and baked on a garage door to form a shiny and thick coat. This substance is particularly useful for roll-up steel garage doors. Unlike traditional paint, you don’t have to worry about the powder coating chipping away. It’s also quite durable against the elements. If your garage door happens to be of the roll-up variety, this finish is definitely for you. 

finish options for steel garage doors powder coating

2. Painting

If you aren’t entirely partial to powder coating, the next of the four best finish options for steel garage doors is good old-fashioned paint. Of course, you can’t just use any standard paint you’d find in an art studio. For the best results, you’ll need to find a specific kind of paint for your steel garage door. Experts recommend using acrylic exterior grade latex paint for steel garage doors. This kind of paint is available in a wide range of colors, so all you need to do is determine which color(s) best complement the rest of your home and get to work. 

3. Staining

Consider staining your steel garage door if you want a nice, glossy finish. If the exterior design of your home can be described as contemporary or modern, this is a finish option worth trying. This kind of finish often contains polyurethane, which adds weather resistance and is very easy to use as it can either be traditionally applied or sprayed on a surface. Certain types of staining are compatible with countless materials, including steel. 

4. Faux Wood

Speaking of painting and staining, if you wish your garage door could resemble a traditional wood one, you can make it happen with a faux wood finish. You can give your door a nice warm, grainy tone without missing out on the benefits of a steel garage door. There are all sorts of faux wood stains you can choose from, whether you want your garage door to imitate majestic mahogany or sturdy cedar. You can make this a DIY job, but if you consider yourself a perfectionist, hire a skilled garage door painter to pull off the perfect illusion. Additionally, a faux wood door is guaranteed to boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Keep Your Garage Door Functional And Fabulous With Garage Door Repair Houston!

We hope you’re excited by these four amazing finish options for steel garage doors. We know that designing a garage door to your liking isn’t easy, especially if it isn’t made of wood. Luckily, if you have a steel garage door, you can choose from these finish options to make your garage door sparkle. If you would rather have assistance rather than attempt the DIY route for adding a finish to your garage door, you can reach out to our skilled technicians at Garage Door Repair Houston. We will ensure that your garage door is both functional and fabulous. 


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