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4 Steel Garage Door Panel Options For Your Home

Steel garage doors are universally considered to be one of the best varieties out there for both commercial and residential properties. Of course, when it comes to residential properties, you can’t get away with a standard steel garage door; you have to ensure that your garage door complements your home’s design and enhances its value. One way to ensure your steel garage door can maintain your home’s curb appeal is by considering the different panel options available. Keep reading this blog to learn about four of the best steel garage door panel options to consider. 

Why Steel Garage Door Panels? 

Before diving into the best steel garage door panel options on the market, you probably want to know why steel garage door panels are worth considering in the first place. Aside from its noteworthy durability, this material is also easily insulated, very secure, and highly customizable. Their customizability means that they can be made to match any style possible to complement your home’s exterior. 

4 Steel Garage Door Panel Options For Your Home

Now that you understand why steel garage door panels are a worthwhile choice, you can start exploring these four steel garage door panel options for your home. 

1. Recessed Panels

The first of the four steel garage door panel options that will be covered is recessed panels. This type of garage door panel is best described as having a sunken appearance. This choice is popular if you prefer a classic-looking garage door. 

2. Raised Panels

Speaking of traditional, raised panels are a direct contrast to their recessed counterparts because they have parts that pop out. While also suitable for a traditional style home, this option is somewhat more versatile due to the decorative possibilities that can make it work with both traditional and contemporary styles. Both recessed and raised panels are available as short or long panels, depending on what makes the most sense for your home. 

3. Flush Panels

This next steel garage door panel option is especially versatile and well-suited for a modern home: flush panels. This panel option consists of a flat-looking surface that sometimes has a few decorative additions. To lean into the modern aesthetic, you might install window inserts into a steel garage door with flush panels. There are many finish options available that will give your flushed steel garage door that sleek, subtle sheen. 

steel garage door panel options flush

4. Carriage House Panels

Finally, carriage house doors have become increasingly popular. While traditionally associated with wood, you can also get a carriage house garage door made of steel. This style is reminiscent of the types of doors used to house horses that drove carriages before the invention of motorized vehicles. 

This retro and rustic panel style will go with any home with a style that evokes nostalgia for a simpler time. This type of panel style can also work with a variety of color choices. As long as those choices complement the rest of your home, you can choose whatever paint will best highlight your carriage house steel garage door. 

Get The Right Care For Your Steel Garage Door With Garage Door Repair Houston!

We hope these four steel garage door panel options will give your home’s curb appeal the boost it needs. However, you’ll only get the most out of your chosen panel style if you provide your steel garage door with the regular maintenance it requires. If you find yourself dealing with maintenance tasks or repairs that are outside your skillset, you can ask for help from our Garage Door Repair Houston team. Contact us today, and our technicians will provide your steel garage door with the care it needs to work successfully. 

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