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Garage Door Insulation Kits 101

Garage door insulation is vital for temperature control in any home. There are also many options for insulation for a garage door worth considering when it comes to installing it. Garage door insulation kits are one way to turn insulating your garage door into a DIY project. Read more to learn all about garage door insulation kits. 


What Are Garage Door Insulation Kits? 

Garage door insulation kits consist of garage door insulation materials that any user can easily install. These kits often include instructions for how to install the insulation. They can be used for any garage door material that is compatible with insulation. 

These insulation-compatible garage door materials include but are not limited to steel, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. As far as accessing garage door insulation kits, many are provided by specific brands. You can check out what others have to say in the reviews if you are having trouble deciding which kit is right for you. 


What Materials Are In Garage Door Insulation Kits? 

Not all garage door insulation kits use the same insulation materials. The main materials in these kits are usually insulation panels that are often most compatible with standard metal garage doors. Some kits include vinyl or rigid foam insulation that can be cut up to fit each garage door section. 

Aside from the insulation material itself, garage door insulation kits usually also include a mask, gloves, adhesive tape, and a utility knife. If you’re worried about pricing, the good news is that some kits can cost fifty dollars, making them very accessible. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose a garage door insulation kit that uses the best insulation material for your garage door. 

garage door insulation kits

Why Is Garage Door Insulation Necessary? 

For all the talk about garage door insulation kits, you’re probably wondering why garage door insulation is necessary in the first place. Let’s take a look at the advantages of insulating your garage door. 


1. Temperature Control 

As stated earlier, the primary purpose of garage door insulation is to provide temperature control. In winter, for instance, the insulation will keep your garage about twelve degrees warmer. In summer, your garage will be up to twenty degrees cooler with the help of insulation. If you’re concerned about moderating the temperature of your garage, you can’t go wrong with insulation. 


2. Soundproofing

Do you wish you didn’t need to hear the sound of your garage door opening and closing all the way from the comfort of your living room or upstairs in your bedroom? With the help of garage door insulation, you’ll have additional soundproofing. That’s because the insulation layers will absorb the sound so that it doesn’t travel as far into your home. Now you can finally enjoy your favorite shows without the sound of a moving garage door disturbing your enjoyment. 


3. Lower Energy Bills 

Finally, garage door insulation can make a huge difference if you want to start receiving a lower energy bill. Because of the insulation, your heating and cooling systems won’t need to be used as much to maintain a certain temperature in your garage, resulting in a lower energy bill. With garage door insulation, you can start saving money on your bills. 


Insulate Your Garage Door With Garage Door Repair Houston!

Garage door insulation kits can be a great resource if you want to insulate your garage door. The kit you purchase depends on what insulation material works best for your garage door and how much you want to spend on the insulation process itself. Garage door insulation kits can be a great option if you want to take a DIY approach, but if you aren’t entirely confident in your ability to successfully insulate your garage door, you can always ask for help. If you live in the Houston area, that help can come in the form of our team at Garage Door Repair Houston, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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