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7 Wooden Garage Door Panels

Garage door panels are how you keep your garage safe and a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal. They can be made from many different materials and provide reinforcement against certain weather conditions. Wooden garage door panels are a particularly popular choice for their practical and stylistic benefits. However, wooden garage door panels are not a one-size-fits-all option, as there are many kinds of wood from which to choose. Today, let’s take a look at seven wooden garage door panels and how they can improve your residential property. 


Styles That Feature Wooden Garage Door Panels

It helps to know which garage door styles feature this material when it comes to wooden garage door panels. While wood is often associated with being old-fashioned or rustic, this material is actually stylistically versatile. Wooden garage door panels can be found on carriage-style garages and various types of modern garage doors. They can also include patterns or even window inserts. Whichever type of wood you choose, you won’t be short on options for style. 


7 Wooden Garage Door Panels 

Wooden garage door panels can be made of many different kinds of wood, each one with its own unique traits. Take a look at seven types of wooden garage door panels to consider for your home. 


1. Plywood

Plywood is one of the more popular options for wood garage doors. This wood material is inexpensive and often comes with foam-core insulation. Plywood garage doors often include additional exterior hardware skin that you can customize to your liking. If saving money is a priority for you, then plywood is the best choice. 


2. Cedar

Cedar is considered to be one of the more sturdy materials for wooden garage doors by most experts and for good reason. This wood is durable in that it naturally resists moisture, rot, decay, and pests. It’s also compatible with insulation and provides soundproofing. Adding some weather stripping will help boost its longevity. Cedar can also work with many different kinds of finishes and styles, making the design possibilities endless. 


3. Reclaimed Wood

Consider reclaimed wooden garage door panels if you want a more sustainable option for your garage door. Reclaimed wood combines pieces of wood from previously used materials, saving a lot of trees. Because this wood has been previously used, it has a strong ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. 


4. Redwood

Some experts consider redwood garage doors to be a level up from cedar. These doors are layered to increase heat and water resistance and prevent warping. Redwood can be painted or finished and is also versatile with regard to its style and presentation. 


5. Mahogany

Where wooden garage door panels are concerned, mahogany is often grouped in the same category of high-end materials as redwood and cedar. It’s known for being strong, rigid, and highly resistant to warping, splitting, sagging, moisture, pests, and other forces of nature. Mahogany is also easy to work with when it comes to finishing, though most homeowners are drawn to its natural red appearance. 


wooden garage door panels mahogany


6. Oak

Although not as widely used, oak garage door panels are considered beautiful as well as affordable. It accepts wood stains and is extremely durable against impact and shock. Red oak garage doors have an appealing grainy look, while white oak garage doors can come in a range of white and brown textures. 


7. Alder

If your heart is set on a rustic aesthetic for your home exterior, alder is the perfect choice of material for your wooden garage door panels. Their knotty appearance also works well with a Spanish or Mediterranean-style aesthetic. It’s also a sustainable option since alder trees are grown in the United States, reducing the carbon footprint that would result from shipping most wood from around the world. 


Our Technicians Can Work With Your Wooden Garage Door Panels!

Knowing these seven options for wooden garage door panels will hopefully help you assemble your dream garage door. Whether you’re planning to install a wood garage door or already have one, you’ll need the best technicians around to help you keep it in great shape. You can find those amazing technicians by contacting us today at Garage Door Repair Houston.

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